21 October 2011

Initial thoughts on Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 12c

For those of you battling with installing Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 11g the thought of spending hours on Oracle Support and reading documentation trying figure out exactly what versions of various components to install - and to figure out what the latest error message means - is probably still relatively fresh in mind and is a painful memory best left alone to sink into obscurity over time.
I have just installed Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 12c and it is a refreshingly simple task to do compared to the previous version. You no longer need to decide on a JDK versus JRockIt and what version of WebLogic to use, support, certification options etc (although you would have the option to worry about all these things - if you got the time and feel particularly masochistic). All this is now bundled with 12c.

The only other thing to install and configure is really a database.

Just follow the following Oracle Support note How to Install Enterprise Manager Cloud Control (12c) on Linux [ID 1359176.1] to install and you're pretty much set.

The latest system requirements are rather memory hungry - I just barely got database (ignoring minimum requirements of 2GB SGA I configured 1536MB of memory_max_size - of which 512MB is the shared pool) and OMS running on 4GB of memory - I strongly suggest to allocate 5GB for an entry-level installation as I am seeing 1GB of swap space being allocated in my VMWare instance, running CentOS 5.7 with irrelevant services turned off.

I also really like the Agent Deployment feature for remote targets, which uses ssh to deploy the agent to hosts "out there". There's also some auto-discovery feature to discover hosts that could benefit from an agent on the network - but I have as of yet not had a chance to play with this.

The interface is also slick and less cluttered than the old interface - I like it.

Overall, so far, I will probably give Oracle 4.5/5 stars for ease and effort in 12c, which is the opposite end of the scale of 11g, in terms of installation, configuration and overall usage.

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